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 I created this blog for MTF transgenders and females looking for information on how to block/lower Testosterone and or increase estrogen naturally.

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MTF Transgender Hormones and HRT

Watch as she talk about the effects of hormone replacement therapy, better known as HRT, for mtf transgender persons.

She has been on HRT for 14 months and has learned a lot of useful tips from firsthand experience. I compiled the most basic and essential facts about hormones in one video for you.

I have pages on this website where you can buy your own Spironolactone and estradiol which are 2 of the most widely know testosterone blockers and estrogen boosters. (No prescription necessary )

How to Feminize Your Body Without HRT | MtF | Transgender

One of the struggles of being trans is not having full curves. The video above shows a few ways on how you can get a more feminine look you want.

If you don’t already know there is a natural supplement on the market that was designed to give your body that more girly shape and feature. It’s called Dangerous cures. 

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Remove Facial Hair Instantly * 10 WAYS * Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently | ShrutiArjunAnand

We all have unwanted facial hair and want to get rid of them but the most important question is how? So,the video above shared 10 different ways to remove unwanted facial hair so that you can chose the right method based on your skin type, hair type, budget etc.

I also have a page dedicated to facial hair removal you can check out by clicking this link.