What Changes To Expect On Your First Month Of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

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Believe it or not…

This is a very common question I get asked all the time in emails from my viewers

(yes.. all of you on this website right now)

To be completely open, honest, and as staright forward as One can possibly be.

It’s been quite some time now since I transition from MTF and this might sound a little weird

Lana Rivers

but i can hardly remember the changes I went through on my first month of Hormones because the changes were so suttle and minor but…

I went ahead and asked a handful of our customers to share their honest experience

While on our MTF hormones and the changes they have noticed in the first 30 days of taking them.

F.Y.I. the hormones we will be talking about are

I shouldn’t have to do too much explaining what this is.

I’ve probably mentioned it on here at least 100 times…

… if not more since this website went live because it is my favorite and it actually works.

Testo rid is a excellent and outstanding testepsterone blocker in my opionion
but im not going to get into that right now.

Have a look around the site. I’m sure you can find a few of the reviews I’ve done on this.

As you all know, This estrogen booster by transformations labs is best seller on
eBay in its class.

while I’m on the subject, Estro surge will be going up on amazon.com for sale soon…

or it might be already up depending on when youre reading this.

next on the list is ;

I’ll link to it here so you can read more about it

but just to give you a brief overview…

Dangerous Curves was created to enhance the strength and effectiveness of the already most 2 popular, hottest selling, highest rated
“Transgender Support Capsules” on the market  which I mentioned above.

  • Spironolactone ( AKA Aldactone ) & Estradial

Estradiol and Spironolactone are two very popular hormones in the MTF Transgender

if not the most popular and requested prescriptioned hormones.

Lucky for you I have a prescription free source here on this website.

Feel free to check them out on the store, spironolactone, or estradiol page.

Anyways, now that we know what we will be talking about, lets finally get into it.

Your result may vary depending on which combination of the hormones
listed above you are using, but these are the main changes you can expext
to see within 30 days of using them;

  • Slight Breast Growth

this is more so the effect of the estogen boosters
doing what there suppose to be doing. Dont expect to from an
A cup to C cup in just 1 month.

Breast development takes time and patience.

The average time on hormones to get fully developed breast as a Transgender woman is about 18-24 months.

  • Super Soft Skin

You will notice an extremely fast change oin the texture and softness
of your skin.

  • Slowed Hair Growth

customers have noted that their all around hair growth has slowed by
as much as 65% while on hormones.

  • Decreased Sex Drive

Perks of taking testosterone blocker are decreasing your sex drive and you
will notice less “more wood” for lack of a better term.

It chages your libido levels and reduces the errections in males.

  • Salt Craving

Testosterone blockers such as Testo Rid & Spironolactone
Flushes salt out of your body

( *Note* Frequent urination is a side effect of testosterone blockers
in general…
which is how your body eject the majority of salt and water from the body.)

Feel free to give in to these salt cravings. Stuff like pickles are a
healthy way to satisfy and replenish lost salt from you body and cure
your cravings.

  • Glossier Eye

some have said their peripheral vision have shifted, thus leaving them
with glossier eyes.

  • Decreased/Increased Appetite

your have less of a craving to eat as much as you normally would or it could be totally
opposite depending on your metabolism

but this vary from person to person.

A few other note worthy things people notice in month one are a
strong sense of calmness, feeling more alert and able to concentrate.

Another major change is it also caused some people’s anxiety level
to lower.

Lastly, there’s crying.

Yes being on hormones does cause you to start crying more often throughout
this transitioning period so dont be surprised if it catches you off gaurd.

As always thanks for reading. I read and responde to every single comment so drop one below.

I only asked a handful of users to give to feedback so

dont feel left out if you are on my mailing listing and didn’t get a chance voice your

Also if you notice any other effects while on hormones in month one please
leave a comment below to share with the now 3000 monthly visitor.

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