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natural estrogen for trans women

Types of Estrogen Available For Transgender (MTF)

When it comes to selecting the best possible estrogen for transitioning , more than likely are going to run into some problem deciding what to go with since there is an abundance of so called “Estrogen” for people transitioning form male to female.

The issue here is that everyone one will say there stuff works, and its the best because they want to sell but don’t their word for it. You need someone who is unbiased like myself who has tried almost every one these products over the years.

The types of estrogen i’m going to be talking about today will most focus on natural estrogen and prescription estrogen.

transformations labs estrogen boosterstestosterone blocker from transformations labs

Now I am by no means a doctor in anyways but I do have some medical knowledge from college. I can’t recommend that you self medicate with prescription estrogen even though that is a popular option these days since the recommended doses are commonly found online.

We still do offer means of helping people get their hand on prescription estrogen such as estradial or progynova as some call is because we understand that not everyone feels comfortable going the hospital route and it’s quite costly too.

What I can recommend is that you start off with something milder that still gets the job done. Natural estrogen boosters isn’t as harsh ( well not harsh at all since it is made from all natural organ ingredients) as the prescriptions stuff which can cause stomach cancer if used incorrectly.

The two type of estrogen I will be talking about today is estradial and EstroSurge

Natural estrogen (EstroSurge)

Estrosurge is a highly potent natural blend hormone

Designed for transgenders by transformations labs. You may or may not be already familiar with this brand of natural estrogen since it is one of the most, if not the most popular choice when it comes to natural estrogen .

Over the years they have been sold on ebay and amazon until recent when they launched their own website.

Estro~surge is truly something else in my opinion. It lives up to its name and can be compared to corporate giants that claim to develop breast growth and form a lady like figure and does nothing in the long run but this actually works.

I get asked all the time about estrosurge and transformations labs like;

  • How long does it take to work
  • Can I guarantee results

The answer is no, I cant guarantee anything because everyone has a different rate of growth and changes so someone could start noticing breath growth after 4 months and others might take eight.

What this natural estrogen booster made of ?transformations labs estrogen boosters

Estro surge estrogen booster is a unique, proprietary formula of;

  • Pueraria Mirifica
  • KwaoKreuKao (Kwao Kreu Kao)
  • Licorice Root
  • Fennel Seed & Fenugreek Seed

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natural ways to increase estrogen it is now possible for your body to produce estrogen at higher continuous levels naturally, safely and comfortably

You can take the time after reading this blog post to do some research on a few of the ingredients I listed above but let me save you some time.

Pueraria mirifica (PM), a plant whose dried and powdered tuberous roots are now widely used in rejuvenating preparations to promote youthfulness in both men and women, may have major estrogenic influence. In this study 

Prescription Estrogen (Estradiol)

estradiol for mtf transgendersAccording to  Estradiol is a form of the hormone estrogen. It’s also called 17 beta-estradiol. The ovaries, breasts, and adrenal glands make estradiol.

Estradiol helps with the growth and development of female sex organs, including the:

  • breasts

Estradiol helps to control the way fat is distributed in the female body. It’s also essential for bone and joint health in females.

People undergoing transgender hormone therapy may receive estradiol. If so, their estradiol levels may be regularly tested and monitored by their doctors.

How soon will you notice desired effects of natural estrogen ?

estrogen booster and testosterone blocker for male to female transgenders

Like I said earlier different users will have different result. Some users claimed to have had results in as early as 3 months and

others take 8-9 months but you can expect to see noticeable changes within a 6 month time span.

It will also help if you block or lower your testosterone to increase the effect of estrogen you are taking.

Here’s all the products mentioned in this article. Please comment below and let me know what you think.

Estro Surge Estrogen Booster

Estro Surge Triple Pack

Testo Rid Testosterone Blocker

Testo Rid Triple Pack 

Dangerous Curves

3 Pack MTF System

Estrogen Booster and Test Blocker Pack 




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