Hormones To Transition From Male To Female

male to female transition

Let’s take a deeper more in depth look at some of the major hormones necessary to make your transition from male to female smooth and simple.

Before we get started, it’s important to note that male to female transition using hormone therapy is not an overnight, one and done thing.

 Instead, it is a long-term process that allows your body to produce hormones and re-enter a state similar to that of puberty to facilitates the changes you desire.

During puberty, your body takes several years to define your dominant features. Using MTF hormones is a method that tries to replicate the phases of puberty… but to your liking.

The majority of people who seek to transition using medication are on the more eager side of things, but hormonal changes do not present themselves at a rapid pace.

Everyone is built differently, meaning that we all have different genetic setups, therefore our bodies respond to hormones and treatment at completely different rates. And because everyone is different, your medicines or dosages may vary widely from those of your friends, or what you may have read in books or online.

Testosterone Blockers for Males Transitioning to Female

Testosterone blockers come in many forms and strengths but fall in either one of two categories.

  1. There are testosterone blockers that block the actions of the testosterone hormones in your body.
  2. Testosterone blockers that prevent the production of testosterone all together.

Most testosterone blockers used in the male to female transition process is very safe, but some can have side effects.

The most used test blocker is spironolactone which is a prescription only medication. Though it is very effective, spironolactone can be very harsh on the body and comes with its fair share of adverse effects.

This prescription-based testosterone blocker can cause excessive urination, dizzy or lightheadedness when taking it. It’s very important that you consume at least twice your normal daily intake of water in order to keep a constant flow of fluids through your body.

Spironolactone is dangerous for people with a prior history of kidney stones because it affects how your body reacts to blood pressure medications.

Spironolactone can also lead to a higher production of potassium in the body, which could cause heart failure. (https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/17073-heart-failure-diet-potassium)

While there is many risks associated with taking spironolactone, there is a healthy more effective and cheaper alternative testosterone blocker.

Naturally testosterone blockers, commonly referred to as Over the counter testosterone blocker” have been proven to work time and time again over the years.

Though natural testosterone blockers are not as potent as their prescription-based counterpart, it is

  • Safer to take and has no contraindication with other medication
  • Effectively blocks and undo the actions of testosterone in the body.
  • A cheaper more readily available alternative to spironolactone
  • Can be used with others MTF Transitioning hormones to increase desired effects
  • 100% naturally so there are no adverse effects.

A great example of such a testosterone blocker is Testo-Rid. This Over the counter Testosterone Blocker & Metabolizer features a five-star bio-delivery system containing the most powerful and effective, organic bio-nutrients available to work with your body to help block and rid your body of testosterone levels smoothly and naturally.

Estrogen Supplements for Males Transitioning to Female

Estrogen is the hormone that is primarily responsible to bring about physical feminine changes in one’s body during the male to female transition process.

Though estrogen can effective on its own; it is best paired with a testosterone blocker which is preferably given weeks prior to starting estrogen hormone therapy.

Estrogen comes in a few different forms which include:

Estrogen pill are the most used method of administering the hormone. Though pills are cheap and effective, doctors believe they can cause you harm if you are older than 35 and smoke. (This does not apply to natural estrogen supplements used to transition)

Estrogen patches such as climara forte can be very effective and safe but require you to always wear one. However, these patches do have some downside- not only are they prescription only; they can also cause skin irritations and rashes.

The majority of transwomen first choice in estrogen hormones to help them transition tend to be interested in getting their estrogen through injections.

Estrogen injections can only be administered by doctors and can cause a huge fluctuation range in your estrogen levels.

Having unstable estrogen levels is what causes:

  • Mood swings
  • Weigh gain
  • Hot flashes
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines

 Taking a higher dose of estrogen does not mean you will see physical changes faster.

Long term use of prescription estrogen boosting medication can cause a sever build up of fat inside your heart and or arteries which could be fatal.

These side effects only apply to prescription-based estrogen hormones. Natural over the counter estrogen such as estrosurge has proved to be just as effective in the long term, cheaper, and has no adverse effects on the body.

Taking natural estrogen can trigger your body to be more effective with the hormones that are already produced and produce more of it.

Estrogen is the hormone uniquely responsible for the growth and development of female sexual characteristics and femininity – a desired “curvy” body style, growth of breasts and hips (in both men and women) & higher vocal ranges – to name just a few.

Estro Surge has been designed to work alone or to work seamlessly with our Testosterone Blockers. This natural Estrogen booster contains the most powerful and effective, organic bio-nutrients available to work with your body to help boost estrogen levels smoothly and naturally.

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