How Long Do Testosterone Blockers Take To Work

How soon can I expect results?

Natural Testosterone Blocker with EstrogenEverybody is different and the amount of time it takes to notice changes in your body greatly varies from individual to individual.Hormonal therapy can’t be speeded up, its like going through puberty.Increasing the testosterone blockers dosage won’t accelerate the changes.

Below are effects and the amount of time you should expect to see results.

1.Breast growth can start after 3-6 months. The maximum results can be expected between 2-3 years

2.Re-Distribution of body fat can start after 3-6 months .Maximum results will be between 2-5 years.
3.A Decrease in the size of the testes effects can be noticed between 3-6 months .maximum results can be noticed after 2-3 years.
4.Decrease in muscle mass and strength.This can be noticed after 3-6 months with the maximum results coming in at 1-2 years.
5.Skin softening will be noticed 3-6 months after treatment, the maximum expected results time is unknown.
6.Baldness, which is common in men will stop after 1-3 months , maximum results should be expected in 1-2 years.thier will be no regrowth of the lost hair.
7.Thining and the slowed growth of facial and body hair effects will be noticed after 6-12 months . maximum results to be expected after more than 3 years
8.Decreased random erections will be noticed after 1-3 months.maximum results after 3-6 months.
9.A decrease in libido will be noticed after 1-3 months.expected maximum effects after 1-2 years.
!0.Sperm production decrease is greatly variable among individuals and a time frame can’t be put on it.

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