Natural Estrogen Pills For Women & MTF Transgenders ( Estro Surge )

Estrogen is the hormone uniquely responsible for the growth and development of female sexual characteristics and femininity

 – a desired “curvy” body style, growth of breasts and hips (in both men and women) & higher vocal ranges – to name just a few.

foods that increase estrogen

Everyone says that guys and girls are so different and while some of that that may be true let’s not forget about some of the biological factors that make us pretty damn similar

and today I’m here to talk about hormone estrogen and testosterone,  so what the heck’s a hormone?

A hormone is a chemical substance secreted from one tissue that travels through your bodily fluid to the next tissue basically it’s the chemical messenger kinda like the mail guy between your tissues

boost estrogen naturallyYour ovaries produce both estrogen and testosterone though the amount of testosterone produced a significantly lower than what is produced by guy.

Estrogen is also produced in your fat cells an estrogen is the big main sex hormone. it influences your height and the maintenance and repair any reproductive tissue.

So hormones in general may increase or decrease in the amount in quantity based on day-to-day cycle to cycle even hour to hour

Estrogen levels similarly also can rise and decline
That being said if there’s huge fluctuations many times it is a sign of some serious underlying issue

Symptoms Of Low Estrogen In Women

Common symptoms of menopause or low estrogen include

  • weight gainCauses Of Low Estrogen In Women
  • hot flashes
  • continuous headaches
  • fast pulse rate
  • decreased sexual desire and mood swings.
  • Others are sweating
  • trouble sleeping
  • vaginal wall thinning
  • low vaginal lubrication (vaginal dryness)
  • osteoarthritis
  • bloating
  • and wrinkles as a result of the skin losing elasticity.

Causes Of Low Estrogen In Women

The three main causes of low estrogen in women are :

  • Menopause: Ovum supply declines in number and quality as a woman reaches her late 30s or early 50s, resulting in hormone imbalances
  • Poor Diet and Exercises: Consuming less healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and taking unhealthy fats and excessive alcohol can contribute to low estrogen levels.
  • Medical Conditions: Pituitary gland infection can cause estrogen levels to decline. The pituitary gland is responsible for regulating amounts of estrogen produced by the ovaries.

How To Increase Estrogen Levels Naturally In Women

estrogen rich food

There are certain Foods and herbs that are commonly mention when it comes to the amount of estrogen present that can contribute to your body and health.

The safest ways to increase estrogen production in your body using natural herbs is general by taking the individual herb

or food item your self which can get pretty tricky and expensive if you have no knowledge of the amount of each herb you scan safely consume and for the best result.

estrogen pills for womenHowever, there are natural herbal estrogen supplement out there like Estro~surge  for women (And Men)

who would like to safely and naturally boost there estrogen level as fast as possible.

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testosterone blocker with estrogen for women and transgender

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