Side Effects Of Using Testosterone Blockers

Testosterone Blocker Side Effects

Every medicine has the merits and demerits. The medicine like T-blocker can be used without the proper prescription of the doctor. There are some good effects for which this medicine is made for and some bad effects also.

The good one is that it is used to control the estrogen excess in the body which further reduce the unwanted fat. The bad effects are that this medicine may lead to osteoporosis. So, in this case, a little low dose of Estrogen is required.

Some may feel feminization but their intensity vary person to person generally they are very low and don’t harm the body which shows its ok with them.

The right level of hormones is necessary for that as your doctor will keep checking you for that. The best T-blocker in the market is the brand of Jungle Dog Labs. As their product is 100% effective and free from any kind of side effects.

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