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best natural testosterone blocker

Testo-Rid &Estro-Surge Testosterone Blocker Review:

This product by Jungledog Labs is a transgender testosterone blocker, metabolizer and oestrogen booster designed to assist male to female transitions. 

Natural Testosterone Blocker with EstrogenJungledog Labs is the makers of some of the most popular herbal supplements in the world, and specialize strongly in hormone manipulation. “Testo-Rid &Estro-Surge” is one of their most in-demand products. It consists of two contains with 50 capsules contained in each. The two types of capsules are designed to work together to assists male to female transitions.
Estro-Surge, the first type of supplement, is designed to assist the body in raising its own oestrogen levels. This often leads to breast tissue development and the emergence of more Natural Estrogen Boosterfeminine features in men. Estr-Surge works alongside Testo-Rid, the second supplement, which is formulated to block, metabolize and suppress testosterone release.

Part of Jungledog Labs’ mission statement is to formulate supplements so that the chemical compound of each natural hormone booster does not interact negatively with other compounds in the supplement. All of their products are created by a small team of chemists in a laboratory, so quality is never compromised.

Considering that “Testo-Rid &Estro-Surge” is not only very popular, but also composed of natural hormone stimulators, it promises to be a worthwhile investment

Best Natural Testosterone Blocker

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