Transgender Hormones

Welcome to the Transgender Hormones Page. Below you will find a list of resources and links pointing you in the right direction to get your hands on the testosterone blocker and estrogen you would like. Keep in mind some of the are prescription medication, (However, you do not need a prescription to purchase them here) The other are the best selling OTC Natural supplement.

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how to block testosterone

you’re a male/female transitioning and you are actively looking for advice to help with hormones for male to female transgender transitioning, Female to male transitioning or just transgender hormone therapy in general.


Now there are some things that might have already came across your mind before you went ahead and search for transgender hormone or hormone therapy for transgender in google but if you need help and advice I’m here to guide you.

When it comes to transitioning from gender to gender there are some hormones that is a must have to help give you good solid effects that you want.

For example if you are male to female transgender then you might want to consider some of the androgens i am about to list below

Testosterone Hormone Blockers For Transgender

Okay i am going to be totally honest with you here.

If you are in the beginning stage of male to female transitioning

or interested and you need hormones it is not that easy to get your hands on prescribed testosterone blockers and here’s why

To get inject-able T Blockers prescribed

you would have to find a doctor in that specific field first off

then after months and most of the time… years of hormone testing and therapy you may still not be prescribed testosterone blockers.

And without that, you’ll just be stuck between a rock and a hard place on just the first step of transitioning.

That is why most transgender start out on natural testosterone blockers…..

…..or herbal t blockers as some call it

which doesn’t work as fast as the direct inject-able t blocker

prescribed by a doctor but it gets the job done. You could just go ahead and use natural t blockers without ever going to the doctor

just know that it might take twice as long to gain full effects of the t blockers but the upside to that is that using herbal t blockers will save you a lot of time

and we’re talking months to possibly years here

not only that but t blockers online for relatively cheap compared to the thousand of dollars you would eventually spend from repeated visit to the doctor milking your bank account.

Lucky for you, Here at we have offer natural/herbal Testosterone blocking Pills which you can find here Best Testosterone Blocker For Transgender

Transgender Hormones – Estrogen Boosters

Next in line for transgender hormone therapy is Estrogen

There is literally no point in blocking testosterone

or using testosterone blockers in general if you don’t plan to ever start taking Estrogen Boosters as well unless you already have been taking Estrogen boosters or you just wanted to lower your testosterone.

Well i guess that may not be completely true

since testosterone blockers does help develop your feminine features like breast development and such but that’s besides the point.

You will eventually need to buy some sort of estrogen boosters to speed up your  male to female transgender transitioning process and compliment your testosterone blockers.

If you don’t want to buy any sort of estrogen boosters

there are several natural home remedies

that you can find online line but just know …..

…..that they are just theories that haven’t really been proven but you can go ahead and try them for yourself.

The faster route is to get yourself some Estrogen Boosting Meds

that you can also find on here

instead of trying all kinds of gimmicks to cheat the system

which you will eventually realize that you are just wasting time and cheating yourself…. 20 buck for a month’s worth of estrogen boosters isn’t going to kill you trust me. Here is a link to the estrogen i recommend getting