Do NOT Buy LDB Lamoon Male To Female Transgender Hormone Pills Until You See This

LDB LAMOON combo Testosterone Blocker review

About a year ago I prematurely did a video On this product LDB Lamoon LadyBoy Male to female Transgender Hormone

ladb lamoon review

I want to apologize for publishing that video now that I have seen the amount of attention it has gotten since then because the video itself didn’t really review the product.

So here we are one full year later doing an official review and product comparison between Ladyboy lamoon products and transformations labs testosterone blocker and estrogen boosters.

By the time you get finished reading you’ll see why you’re better off using transformations lab products and not LDB ladyboy lamoon.

So, onto the products function itself.

Having seen the results of both products being used for a while and seen it take effect I am quite frankly astonished at both of their results.

Transformations labs testosterone blocker drastically reduced user’s masculine features and has definitely prepared the prepare my body for estrogen and so does estrogen.

Both products slow the growth of facial hair overtime that fades away to smooth feminine face, You’ll begin to see rapid breast development from taking estro surge thanks to its hormone manipulating properties which I can’t say for sure about LDB.

– the product sure does do what it says on the label! In addition to this, you can expect your genitals to shrink but very slowly.

one of the things LDB Lamoon fail to do successfully.

As far as any unwanted side effects go, there have literally been none for testo rid or estro surge which is great given that there are sometimes small side effects that occur with similar products due to all sorts of things.

Here’s why you should choose Transformation Labs over LDB Lamoon.

Overall I strongly recommend both of these products to anyone who is serious about their transformation from male to female.

The product and service, in general, is of great quality and reasonable price, delivery on is on time and discreet and the product functions very well with no unexpected negative side effects.

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Strenght, Potency, and Pill Count
  • People have always complained that LDB LAMOON Combo Testosterone Blocker ladyboy shemale Sex Change Capsule Pills are a bit pricey for the amount of capsules per bottle and the potency of each.
Shipping and Delivery
  • Tranformations labs will usually have your order shipped out on the day you order and offer free shipping on orders over $60. The company is based in America and ships worldwide so you can expect a fast delivery for your order.
  • LDB Lamoon is based in Japan, From personal experience, it can take up to 2 weeks for your order to be even get processed and shipped and that doesn’t include the 3 weeks it takes to ship.
Price and value 
  • Per single bottle of any Ladyboy lamoon products you can expect to pay roughly $32 per 30 pill count bottle plus $5 shipping and handling
  • Per single bottle of any transformations labs product specifically estrogen boosters and testosterone blocker the flat price is $34 per 50 pill count bottle that has free shipping and you get a discount if you get package deals

The transformation from male to female can be very tough.

There are enough hurdles and barriers along the way that come from issues such as parents not being understanding and society not being accepting.

The last thing anybody beginning their transformation needs is another hurdle to hinder the process such as finding reliable Hormones whether it be Testosterone blockers or estrogen boosters.

If you have been following this blog for a while you should already know that I decided to put together this site to act as a place to to find information that works and get results in order to weed out most of the products on the market that just don’t work.

In the past year I have email back and forth with hundreds of you who come here looking for answers and while I may have not been able to respond to all the emails I have however have given you what you’ve asked for such as ..

A way to get your hands on Spironolactone and Estradiol without a prescription free.

I have also brought Estro Surge, Testo Rid, And Dangerous curves to the Market and you all seem to love it.

Check out our in-depth article on the Most Effective Testosterone Blockers


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