How To Get Rid of Excessive Facial & Body Hair by Drinking Spearmint Tea

Get Rid of Excessive Facial & Body Hair by Drinking Spearmint Tea

Get Rid of Excessive Facial & Body Hair by Drinking Spearmint TeaHey everyone welcome, Today’s article ways of removing facial hair.

Actually I wanted to talk a little bit to women and MTF Transgenders today about excessive facial hair growth and hair growth just all over the body.

I wanted to talk about an all-natural way
that was accidentally discovered to help us decrease the hormone androgen,

which allows for excessive facial and body hair growth in both men and women.

Now for some background, androgen is a male hormone that helps men with their hair growth.

Whether it be on their head, facial hair, or all over the body.

Most women do produce that hormone as well, and some of us produce it at a higher
level or an excessive level which causes the facial hair and unwanted body hair.

In 2007 there was a study done on Turkish men around the lowering of their libido.

The way this actually came about was an excessive amount of complaints to
doctors from Turkish men.

Get Rid of Excessive Facial & Body Hair by Drinking Spearmint Tea

I will tell you, in the Middle East they drink a lot of hot tea throughout the day…

      ….and I’m talking two to three cups a day.

It’s as natural the need to drink water and coffee here in the States…when these doctors started to do the study on these men the one thing they noticed overwhelmingly was the amount of spearmint tea they were drinking.

Not just any tea but spearmint tea, So someone thinking about making money started to wonder; “well what are the impacts that experiment tea would have on women”

So they did a study and what they noticed was in almost all women the level of antigen dramatically dropped drastically and in some cases completely stopped facial hair growth and body hair growth.

This is why I wanted to write this article today to let you guys know about spearmint tea I got this box from a local health food and there were 16 packs in there.

Do not get the teas with other herbs or flavors, you want organic all-natural spearmint tea only.

Spearmint decrease facial hair growth

The most effective method though is to actually have the spearmint leaves. They’re a bit difficult to find so I’m going to post some links below to a couple of areas where you can order them online

Or if you have a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern friend ask them if their mother or father happen to grow any kind of mint in their backyard.

Now you can’t use any mint, however spearmint in the springtime tend to grow either purple, white or pink flowers.

I know that’s a whole array because peppermints or other mints do that as well but I would definitely look into it.

look online and you could see what the spearmint leave looks like and it is a little bit difficult actually to distinguish but most middle easterners or Mediterraneans will tell you if it’s spearmint or not.

spearmint tea for to stop hair growth

Now the path to get rid of the hair is actually drinking the tea which is what doctors and scientists are suggesting.

Personally I like to drink at least two cups a day for five days and that’s for women and Transgenders only.

Remember we are all different, our bodies are different, we develop hormones at different levels so some of us may need a little bit more than that.  

There is controversy around whether this works or not but I can tell you that I’ve read a
lot of studies about this and it is very much so a all-natural way that women and Mtf Transgenders across the world especially in European and some middle-eastern countries are getting rid of unwanted hair….

      ….but anyways I  just wanted to give you guys this quick tip.

If you found this article useful you might want to consider getting this book

Let me know how it works out for you and I’d love to hear all your other all natural ways to get rid of excessive hair so please comment below I’d love to hear from all of you. 

Have a good one bye

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