The story of my all natural Transgender Transition

all natural Transgender Transition

So, after many months and years of careful deliberation, the day finally came when I decided to begin my transition.

I took the conventional route, since I knew of no other. Doctors, testing, money, bills, more testing, more doctors, MORE MONEY, constant blood work, paperwork, MORE BILLS and I felt like my privacy was completely gone!

It was like an avalanche of depression and road blocks! When I finally got the approval to begin my hormone treatments, I absolutely hated it!

Yes, HATED it! Besides all that I listed, I feel like I was thrust into a world of hormone, lab testing, discomfort and chemical transformation. I didn’t want to be a petri dish but that’s what I ended up feeling like!

I felt like a chemically induced lab experiment and stopped within 5 months of my first injection (which I also hated, I am not a needle girl). I was crushed… My lifeline and the decision that had taken me years to come to, were gone!

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