Types of testosterone blockers:

Natural Testosterone Blocker with Estrogen1. Natural testosterone blockers normally contain Saw Palmetto, Black Coshosh and Dong Quai. Studies reveal that these ingredients are totally safe.

The best testosterone blockers have added ingredients that give an estrogen push to help bring out feminine features. These products can be bought without a prescription
2. Man made synthetic testosterone blockers are often prescribed by doctors. Synthetic drugs called LHRH analogs are used by doctors. It has been found to give side effects such as mood changes, anemia, arthritis symptoms, cholesterol and many other problems.
Natural testosterone blockers are the safer option and can help a smooth transition from Male to Female. They are here to stay

1. Testosterone Blockers are widely prescribed for transgenders(Male To Female). They help bring about natural female features while giving the body more curves2. Testosterone blockers may be used in the treatment of prostate cancer3. They have been found to help in slowing an Best Natural Testosterone Blockerinherited hair loss in both men and women called ‘androgenic alopecia’4 They may also be used to treat a condition where women grow excess hair on the chest, face and other unusual places

​Are you looking for a natural testosterone blocker? Testosterone is a male hormone or androgen. Testosterone blockers are medications that are used by men and women to help in conditions where testosterone needs to be blocked. Click here to see what we recommended starting with 

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