How To Know When A Testosterone Blocker Is Actually Working

Your body will “demasculinize” from lack of testosterone. It depends on the specific anti-androgen you take.

When it comes to the effects of testosterone,  they don’t actually stop the production of testosterone,  they reduce the effects of it in high enough concentration to lower your levels.

Testosterone Blockers for transgender women stop things like erections, sperm production, and sex drive.

For younger transgender women it can delay permanent effects of biological puberty.

The effects of biological puberty are hard to determine because they are genetically driven. Such as breast development for women. If the women in your family had large breasts then girls born into the family are most likely going to have large breasts too. But there is never a clear picture even on this.

Any feminization to your body only comes from estrogen. This includes softer skin, breast development, and body fat redistribution.

It cannot undo the permanent effects of testosterone, such as bone structure, voice, and facial hair.

I took cyproterone acetate for a year before I finally went on estrogen and I experienced (in roughly chronological order):

  • Less aggressiveness, less tendency to lose my temper
  • Loss of body hair (but not facial hair, which I’ve since had lasered off)
  • Significant loss of muscle mass and upper body strengthLess oily skin
  • Decreased libido
  • Change in body odor (less musky, more “sweet”)
  • Testicular shrinkage
  • Loss of ability to ejaculate
  • Loss of ability to get an erection

Blocking testosterone alone won’t make you grow breasts or change your voice. Please note that there are powerful anti-androgen that will almost completely shut down testosterone effects in your body.

Your estrogen production will also slow due to a lack of testosterone from which estrogen is derived. 

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