Effective Testosterone Blockers

Hormones are chemical messengers that initiate fundamental changes in the body. One such hormone, testosterone, is found in humans, as well as in other animals. Later on, in this article, we will go over the most Effective Testosterone Blockers If You’re Looking to Purchase Natural Testosterone Blockers Click Here Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible Read More

Over The Counter Testosterone Blocker

An Over The Counter Testosterone Blocker is also known as a “Natural Testosterone Blocker”¬† Anti-androgen.¬† These types of Tblockers are very effective when used properly and do not degrade your liver functions. ¬†Male sex hormones are also known as androgens; antiandrogens may also be called androgen receptor blockers. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for typical Read More

How To Know When A Testosterone Blocker Is Actually Working

Your body will “demasculinize” from lack of testosterone. It depends on the specific anti-androgen you take. When it comes to the effects of testosterone,¬† they don’t actually stop the production of testosterone,¬† they reduce the effects of it in high enough concentration to lower your levels. Testosterone Blockers for transgender women stop things like erections, Read More

The Literal Solution To Lowering Testosterone In 30 Days Or Less (How to Lower Testosterone)

Today’s focus is Blocking Testosterone using a Testosterone blocker or T Blocker for short. In this article I will be giving you ¬†the solution on¬†how to lower testosterone. The latest advancement in Transgender support supplements has finally hit the market. The most trusted name in Transgender Support & Hormone Manipulation has done it again with Read More

NEW From The Most Trusted Name In Transgender Support Supplements~ Flavored Liquid Estrogen Booster And T-Blocker Extract( How To Increase Estrogen & Lower Testosterone Naturally)

The most effective, highest rated, non-prescription, Transgender Support System just got better! Come see what everyone is raving about! Transformation Labs proprietary formula is based on our award winning, proven design with the most effective and powerful ingredients we can use by law. Their new liquid extracts are 1:4X more powerful with a substantially faster Read More

The Best Natural Male To Female Transgender Hormones (My Personal Review) 

When considering your next step to becoming an MTF (or male to female) transgendered individual, it is important to ask yourself which path you should take…Many people take the path of doctor-prescribed hormones such as Estradiol and Spironolactone which also comes with very dramatic results. This path also sometimes also means frequent doctor check-ups ¬†blood Read More

MTF Seductive Body Enhancing Transgender Hormones

Are you In the process of transitioning from MTF ¬†or are looking for a way to improve you’re “feminine traits” or a “seductive hot body ” with “bigger bust & thicker hips” ? Then don’t overlook our Transgender support capsule! These are the 2 supplements everyone is talking about! Specifically formulated to help bring about Read More

Testosterone Blockers & Natural Estrogen Booster

Featuring The Natural MTF Testosterone Blocker Testo-Rid & Natural Estrogen Booster Estro-Surge All packages are absolutely 100% anonymous. Order with confidence, your privacy is our number one concern! Here at Tblockers.com we have designed and developed our products with YOU in mind! Our products are NOT hormone replacement therapies, they are NOT BHRT’s and they Read More

Testosterone Blocker

How To Reduce/Lower Testosterone Levels in Males, Females & MTF Transgenders Using Natural Testosterone Blockers Testosterone Blockers in general, over the counter or prescribed ¬†( Testo Rid / Spironolactone) would be considered as anti-androgens. According to Wikipedia; Antiandrogens, also known as androgen antagonists or testosterone blockers .. …are a class of drugs which prevent androgens Read More

The Number 1 Food That Will Significantly Lower Your Testosterone Levels. ( Read To The End )

We are about to give you the best advice on how to block or lower testosterone naturally . Natural food/foodstuff that can melt away  testosterone Today were going to be talking about  Foods / Foodstuffs that can significantly lower your testosterone levels. That being said, your going to want to up your intake or consume concentrated Read More

All Natural T blockers ( Also Known AS Testosterone Blocker )

The All Natural Testosterone Blocker Interested in Spironolactone ? Click here to get them  Finding a product that ensures you experience a smooth transformation while allowing your body to produce the hormone you desire, and blocking those you wish to eliminate is often thought of as a complicated process. While many often assume achieving this Read More

Natural Testosterone Blocker ~ Testo Rid In Depth Review

Okay so today we’re going to be taking an in depth, unbiased look at one of the best Natural Testosterone Blocker¬†or as some of you make call it, antiandrogens that¬†you can purchase online without a prescription from a doctor To be more specific we will be reviewing ” Testo-Rid” which is an all-natural testosterone-blocking androgen Read More