Over The Counter Testosterone Blocker

An Over The Counter Testosterone Blocker is also known as a “Natural Testosterone Blocker”  Anti-androgen.  These types of Tblockers are very effective when used properly and do not degrade your liver functions.

 Male sex hormones are also known as androgens; antiandrogens may also be called androgen receptor blockers.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for typical male characteristics such as – a muscular build, body hair & deeper voice pattern, just to name a few.

“Testosterone Blockers” I.E – Anti-androgens’  work by lowering the body’s production of testosterone while others block androgen receptors, limiting the body’s ability to make use of the androgens/testosterone produced.

A perfect example of a good Over the counter natural testosterone blocker would be “Testo-Rid” which is developed by Transformations Labs.

Testo-Rid is an all-natural, organic hormone manipulator, developed by Transformations Labs. It helps with a smooth, gradual, comfortable transition from Male To Female by blocking and metabolizing your male hormones to help your estrogen function. 

This natural antiandrogen now makes it possible to suppress the dominant hormone responsible for the many undesirable effects of testosterone.

Here’s What Customers Have to Say About TestoRid Testosterone Blocker:

Transformations labs testosterone blocker customer review
Transformations labs testosterone blocker customer review

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