Why I prefer Natural Male To Female Supplements over Harsh Pharmaceuticals ( An Official Review Of Transformations Labs Natural Male to Female Hormone Manipulating Supplements)

Why I prefer supplementation over pharmaceuticals when it comes to male to female transitionThis may be the most heartfelt and important part of my blog.

Shockingly, I have received criticism over the years for my choice to seek a natural transition rather than an chemically modified one.

I was deeply saddened at first and felt like I was cast out of my circle of normalcy, my community and those I related to.

Some people laughed and told me I was wasting my time, others just ignored my transition. It was heartbreaking, I was in need of support and found very little from those I needed it from most.

natural supplements vs pharmaceutical drugs for transgenderI spent many weeks considering which path I would take.

I spent hours speaking with others in my community, doctors and folks online, finally I arrived at my decision and understanding that although I was a woman.

My body acted more like a mans and released too much testosterone and not enough estrogen.

My endocrine system, it seems, was “off” by some trick from the heavens! I knew it was time to begin my journey, the journey of a lifetime!

Zoe Pierce Transgender Youtuber  I wanted my transition to be special to me, I wanted my body to become more of what it should be without chemicals, without harsh pharmaceuticals assaulting my body and turning me into a lab experiment that I just did not feel was “all me” in the end.

Pharmaceuticals consist of 100% chemically designed estrogen. It’s not real estrogen, it’s a chemical made in a lab, I had learned.

Same with the T-Blocker. Pharmaceuticals are the path many people take and it is an incredible aid to us in our community.

Millions have found relief and happiness while following this path and it is a real miracle for many. However, there are others (like myself) that are seeking a more natural approach.

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An approach without doctors, without constant laboratory testing, without harmful drugs, without expensive bills and without time-consuming doctor visits. I preferred a more gradual and private approach which, to me, is a more comfortable path to follow.

transformations labs product Transformations Labs offered me a 100% all-natural, all organic approach to boosting the hormones I create in my body naturally and naturally blocking those that my body produces too much of.

I (and many like me) realized a long time ago that my body is just ‘wired’ wrong and TransformationsLabs has helped me over the years to ‘rewire’ my physiology more to how it should operate.

When I began my journey I wanted more of MY OWN hormone, MY OWN estrogen so I could eventually become more of who I WAS TRULY MEANT TO BE.

transformations labs male to female before and afterAnd, I  began using, became a client of and eventually became an employee of Transformations Labs.

It has been a wonderful and wild ride! I knew my path would take longer, but I preferred to consider it a gradual shift from who I was, to who I was truly meant to be.

I tried many different options, many different companies, and many different products.

Lana River MTF transgender instagram model ad youtuber


I was so fortunate to, quite literally, stumble across Transformations Labs during its first few months in business.

I was skeptical, as everyone in our situation should be, but I was also open to the process and patient with the results.

I thought I wouldn’t see much during those first few months, but was wrong.

My transition began within days of my first purchase from Transformations Labs.

I felt it dramatically in my mental well being as my hormones were adjusting and as I was taking those first few steps toward transitioning.

As the months progressed physical changes were certainly becoming evident and each day I feel more and more like myself.

My breasts & hips have developed to a much more comfortable size and my voice is so much more pleasing and natural.

How Hormones (HRT) Change a Trans Woman’s BodyMy curves and bottom have developed to a much more natural size and shape also.

I no longer have a “hard” and manly look and I now walk with a much softer appeal.

I am now recognized as the woman I was meant to be by others and no longer feel like I am hiding who I am (you may understand what I mean when I say that).

Some people require longer to feel and see the results, some less time, so be patient – I have seen truly amazing transformations since I began working with this fine company.

transformations labs hormones actually work Transformations Labs is the number one company worldwide recognized for Transgender Support Supplements.

They have helped so many people, just like me! They have become my family, my path and my support.

I am still transitioning closer to Chrissy every day. Thanks to Transformations Labs I am now the person that I was put on earth to be. I am happier & more comfortable than ever before. Growing toward who I have always been meant to be. I consider myself to be so lucky to have found this oasis of healing & growth (both physical and spiritual).

zoey pierce My experience with Transformations Labs was different than with any other company I had interacted with.

They spoke with me, answered my questions and generally seemed to care, something I had not found with any other company I had stumbled across.

They helped me with my choices of supplementation, they gave me discounted prices occasionally and we actually began to form a friendship of sorts via email. It was a real eye opener to find so much support and so much real kindness.

transformations labs, jungle dog labs, tblockers.comTransformations Labs helped my body to produce more of the estrogen I need so badly and they helped me to naturally block, metabolize and rid my body of testosterone (the hormone my body naturally produces too much of).

Transformations Labs has helped me to become more of who I was meant to be – naturally, comfortably & without chemicals (which is exactly what synthetic estrogen is)

Today the person I see in the mirror is a different person than before. Thank you, Transformations Labs for coming with me on my life’s journey!

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