The Number 1 Food That Will Significantly Lower Your Testosterone Levels. ( Read To The End )

We are about to give you the best advice on how to block or lower testosterone naturally .

food that lower testosterone

Natural food/foodstuff that can melt away  testosterone

Today were going to be talking about  Foods / Foodstuffs that can significantly lower your testosterone levels.

That being said, your going to want to up your intake or consume concentrated amount of the food stuff we’re going to be discussing.

  • Now the first one that were going to discuss is FLAXSEEDS.

Flaxseeds have recently become extremely popular in the mass media and general culture. It is the most talked about and sought after food item when it comes to shedding testosterone fast. Nowadays People are consuming a lot of flaxseeds specifically because they are high in omega 3 fatty acids.

However you can certainly benefit from this if you are actively seeking natural ways to block testosterone blockertestosterone and here’s why…

Flax-seeds are extremely high in what’s known as Lignans (what are lignans) , Lignans are known to be estrogenic and they also work against the conversion of testosterone to DHT which is very important if you plan on lowering your High T levels

There are studies that point towards the conclusion that the lignans in flaxseed products and androgens are pretty much a match made in heaven for decreasing testosterone

One specific study shows that 30g flaxseed daily dose given to 25 male subjects for 30 days/ 1 month resulted in an average drop of 15% in T levels and their free testosterone went down as much as 20%


Best Natural Testosterone BlockerThe time tested lignans in the flax-seeds act to increase SHBG levels which is ” Sex Hormone Binding Globulin ” Which binds the testosterone and results in a decrease of your testosterone count significantly.

I would highly recommend consuming a decent amount of flax seeds in your diet if your end goal is to block testosterone.

My personal preference for flaxseed is the premium organic flaxseed oil capsules you can find on amazon by clicking here. 

Unfortunately, flaxseeds don’t taste that great so people shy away from consuming them but luckily for you we have Natural Testosterone Blockers Available Today That contains Everything were discussing.

Testosterone Blocker – How To Reduce/Lower Testosterone Levels in Males, Females & MTF Transgenders Using Natural Testosterone Blockers

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