Tips On How to Lower Testosterone in Men and MTF Transgenders

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Testosterone levels in men gradually begin to reduce once a man reaches fifty years. Before that time, you might find yourself in a situation where your testosterone levels are too high.

Though this hormone enables you to lead a highly productive life physically as well as in other important aspects of your life, high levels are dangerous.

High levels of testosterone can lead to a higher risk of

  • Prostate cancer
  • Agitation
  • And fast heart rates.

These side effects and more are some of the reasons why reducing the level of this hormone is critical.

How can you achieve a Testosterone Reduction?


The first thing to do is to consult your doctor who can assess the situation at hand and suggest the way forward.

There are drugs which your doctor can prescribe aimed at reducing the level of testosterone in the body such as Spirinolactone which we also have available on this website.

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In addition to these drugs, your doctor can also give you anti-anxiety medications to help calm you if you are suffering from agitation as well as any other psychological issues owing to the high testosterone levels.

These drugs will go a long way in helping you combat your problem.

However, you should also make a few changes to your lifestyle to help you achieve your goal.

Consider a diet change

Red meat and dairy products are known to boost testosterone production. Keeping this in mind, work at reducing their presence in your meals.

Consume more vegetables and substitute red meat with white meat such as fish and chicken.

As substitutes for dairy products, take foods such as tofu and soy milk which will provide you with the calcium you need.

Get active

If you live a dormant lifestyle and do not engage in a lot of physical activity, get started on a regular workout routine.

This schedule will significantly reduce your testosterone levels as you will become much healthier.

You can increase your workout activities if you already participate in some workout.

Settle down

Studies show that men who are in stable long-term relationships have lower testosterone levels as compared to those who are single.

Get committed to a long-term partner or get married. The result of such a commitment is lower testosterone and better overall health.


Red wine reduces the production of testosterone to a great extent.

Drinking one to two glasses of red wine on a daily basis should do the trick, and you should be seeing the results in a few weeks.

Take care not to indulge in alcohol too much.

Smoking of tobacco is linked to lower testosterone levels.

However, this is not considered to be a long-term solution and should only be carried out for a few weeks.

Another method that you can use for short-term solutions is the taking of marijuana.

Given that these are drugs take caution during consumption and always consult with your doctor before using them.

In your quest for lower testosterone levels, avoid taking part in activities that can be damaging to your health.

Some people may advocate for harmful habits such as sleeping for less than four hours a night. Though these methods may prove useful, they may be too efficient and can end up destroying your testosterone production.

Remember that the goal is reduction and not elimination and go at it safely.

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